Another Day Between

by Lazy jane

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Folk / Rock / Country


released February 8, 2013

Band Members:

Will Walton (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Piano)
Jacob Robson (Drums, Percussion)
Thierry Santacana (Lead Guitar, General Instrumentation)

Produced By: Tommy Hellsten

Special Guests:

Flora Sukhwinder: (Vocals) "Mayday" and "Battleships"
Michael Ramey: (Electric Guitar) "Cry If Able"
Andy Wigzel: (Saxophone) "Cry If Able"
Drew Crawford: (Electric Guitar) "Abolina" (Bass Guitar) "Mister"



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Lazy jane Waycross, Georgia

Lazy jane is a four-piece band originally based out of Waycross, Georgia. Our music ranges from Folk and Rock, to Country. Band members include Will Walton (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Piano), Jacob Robson (Drums, Percussion), Thierry Santacana (Lead Guitar, Piano, General Instrumentation) and Tommy Hellsten (Full Production). ... more

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Track Name: No Longer
(Capo 4th Fret)

D(F#) A(C#)
Grindstone to my nose, little rise and no repose
G(B) G(B)
Seldom loves me back
D(F#) A(C#)
Battle scars on my mind, earning overtime
G(B) G(B)
Hooked to the track

Ground rules don’t apply; I’m taking this up high
Over my mistakes

Last time never known, and never nothing wrong
How much can you take?

Bm(Ebm) G(B) D(F#)
I’ll derail when practicals fail and plentiful lacks
Bm(Ebm) G(B) A(C#)
I’ll remove when I’m misconstrued and have no longer a knack

More to juggle, less to lose, nothing left to choose
Know what’s on my plate
Waiting for no one’s consent, need you not permit
Nor your okay
Pieces flying everywhere, not just here and there
Far as I can throw
Some are waiting patiently, and will a while for me
How long can you go?


REPEAT 1st Verse


© 11 / 29 / 2012
Track Name: Ode To Us
(WHOLE-STEP DOWN - Capo 5th Fret)

Am(Cm) C(Eb) Dm(Fm) Am(Cm)
No one is straight, we all bend somewhere
Am(Cm) C(Eb) Dm(Fm) G(Bb)
But not until we break, will we begin to care
F(Ab) Am(Cm) C(Eb) G(Bb)
Far past the room to hold all the times
F(Ab) Am(Cm) G(Bb)
Long past the days of trying

C(Eb) G(Bb) Am(Cm) F(Ab) C(Eb) G(Bb)
I feel for you, I know you had it all planned out
C(Eb) G(Bb) Am(Cm) F(Ab) C(Eb) G(Bb)
Though, I just can’t undo, pain don’t come with no spout

Four days of fear, leaves only three to rest
Something don’t add up here, of time it would be the test
Far past the road that takes us to right
Long past the days of flight




© 10 / 29 / 2012
Track Name: If It Won't Wait
(WHOLE-STEP DOWN / * = Open Chord)

E Asus2 F#m* Abm*
Underdressed, fashionably late
E Asus2 F#m* E
Slipping in as they lower the gate
E Asus2 F#m* Abm*
Feel me bleed, see me off
E Asus2 F#m* E
Hear me now, I'm too involved

E Asus2 F#m* Abm*
If it won't wait, then it don't offer me
E Asus2 F#m* E
Too many things I've still to see
E Asus2 F#m* Abm*
If it won't hold, go ahead and take my turn
E Asus2 F#m* E
Too many things I've yet to learn

I took a shot, I failed to land
Thought it through, and then back again

As I have tried to put it down
I cannot, is what I have found


(BREAK) Asus2 - F#m* - E


C#m* E
My instincts are all I have, my conclusions are based off that
Asus2 F#m* B*
I don't know when to not attack, and fight my own way out
C#m* E
My pressures are my mistakes, but I will climb from each one I make
Asus2 F#m* B*
Let my mind roam, grip my faith, and fight my own way out


© 08 / 03 / 2012
Track Name: Mayday (feat. Flora Sukhwinder)

D F#m Bm G
There’s little I can answer of what I can’t explain
So, how am I to cypher or ever ascertain
D A Bm G
Bakers have their dozen, accountants have a sum
To understand addition, you must subtract it from the one

Forgetting I am empty, I blink and rev it up
Somehow keep right on going, don’t know where it comin’ from

A round for every slumber, another day between
‘For long you learn to measure before taking liberty - Even when it’s free

A G Bm D
I was joking, no go for the time
Taking my bull to the ground for the last lie
G Bm
If I can stay, (If I can say) then I can say (If I can stroll)
If I can stroll, (I’ll stroll away) I’ll stroll away
All because I won’t holler mayday-mayday

Befriending all who open, the time has come to chance
There will be none to squander, it’s all if to advance

A puzzle for the monkey, for me a piece of sky
If so I beg to differ, then so I take a try - where I like


It rings so loud, must be the way The tone is changing every day
G Bm G
Guiding through a foreign place, if only to get out
I finally picked a different page, and read aloud from A to B
Put together every piece of me

© 08 / 24 / 2012
Track Name: I Believe
I believe I'm able, I'm focused and out of luck
In times like these, you rise above
I don't know my way, per say, I'm headed to no address
I believe in life, change, and simpleness

For all my reasons in how I go about my life
The only one is one that's right
I don't know my place, per say, I settle for nothing less
I believe in hope, love, and happiness

I believe I'm trying, I'm doing as I've been taught
I am made of those who showed me all
I don't understand the whole, a mystery until the end
I believe in faith, trust, and him

© 05 / 21 / 2012
Track Name: Cry If Able

B F# E B
If you haven’t seen by now, there ain’t much hope far as change
F# E B
The ball it is still, we’re just spinning our wheels, each one as fast as the same

The fountain has now run dry, and we’re too shallow for the well

We need to escape from this emotional state, let all the hostility expel

F# Abm E F#
Cry if able, it’s that time I’m told
F# Abm E F#
Try to be stable, ‘cause we got no control
B F# E
Just be happy you’re here, don’t make pain a career, be good for all you got
B F# E
There is no reason to find what don’t offer you time, it only piles on top

If now was another time, tomorrow could last for a while
But now as it stands we're too deep in the sands, fixed at the bottom of the pile
The best we can do is unwind, and lower the gun to the ground
The bullets are real, an' very able to kill, death comes sooner than the sound



© 04 / 04 / 2012
Track Name: The Ride Is Everything

C G Am F
The ride is everything between a bleak divide
Dm Am F G
The stars are evidence, that hopes are high
C G Am F
As it goes, I'm standing here, as it is, I'm alive
Dm Am F G
As far as I can see, that's enough to oblige

Em F C
May we thank you for everything you've done
I speak from the heart of everyone
Em F C
May we thank you for seeing that we were good
Falling short is understood

I'm proud of all of you, whom heed the call
There is no easy way to risk it all
If I didn't go anywhere, then I couldn't have tried
For the take is sitting there on the end of the line


One grows plentiful, if the soil is rich
Or becomes cynical, down the ditch
There's a child that needs you, and a child that don't
Better know by now, whose side you're on


© 07 / 07 / 2012
Track Name: Mister
(STANDARD TUNING) - Electric Guitar
Cm G
Scattered in a pile, was the basis of trial
F Ebsus G
Given run to room, backward, but forward soon

Cm G
New to me, when none is the amount of times done
F Ebsus G
Yeah, but that’s the way I like, wait until the grass is high
Ebsus G
Move through with you beside... me

Mister, do you mind, I seem to have lost the time, is evening here?
Something in my eye, it took away my sight, but you I see clear... here

The flag was to the ground, red, facing down
I opened up the box, my efforts were all payed off

Assayed in my reply, b‘come numb from past time
But there, within a glance, all of the evidence
Breathe in and out, commence

Mister, do you mind, I seem to have lost the time, is evening here?

Something in my eye, it took away my sight, but you I see clear

Mister, did you cry, you must have teared an eye when I was not near

Pushed in my face, you took it all away, it then reappeared... here


The people say you can’t, your response will be rant
It is impossible to fly for someone afraid of heights

But never mind those fools, who are anything but you
Still keep an eye for good, it comes with no likelihood
Never when thought it would

(CHORUS) © 09 / 15 / 2012
Track Name: Ain't It Though

C Am F
From the trust in her eyes, I disappear, I'm hear, now I'm not
C Am F
To a whole other place, I'm being steered by the bow
C Am
Love's a lovely thing when it comes your way
Ain't it though, ain't it though

C Am F
From a slew of smiles compiled and obtained throughout the walk
C Am G F
To a box of pure they are filed and arranged, all in all, all in all

Am C F
Into the sword, cut by the blade
Am C F
Into the seam, sown to the base
Am C F
Into a love that is dressed with golden crest and lace
Am C F
Into a life you knew was meant for you out the gate

On an empty island, no way to escape without a boat

With the wind at roar and the sea in rage as it blow

Love's a lovely thing when it drifts your way

Ain't it though, ain't it though



Into the sword into the sword into the sword


© 08 / 06 / 2008
Track Name: Battleships (feat. Flora Sukhwinder)

C G Am F
Not on prowl, not on point, not expecting anyone
to wake me, or shake me up
C G Am F
Slow burning mellow flames, though coals aren’t the brightest thing
They’ll burn you the moment you touch

Dm G Dm G Am C F
Battleships couldn’t sink this thrill I feel up on top of your wake
Dm G Dm G Am C F
Armored tanks couldn’t blow away, the safety you drape on my day

Blonde as a hay-grass field, tough like a wagon wheel

your strength, it pushes me forward

Calm like a glassy lake, essential as a firebreak

you’re foremost, but always support


Tomorrow will never tell, our fortune’s for us to shell

and crumble around the insight

I can’t promise you a thing, and nor can you to me

But only how hard I will try

(CHORUS) © 06 / 24 / 2008
Track Name: It Go

It go nine miles to the west
Or seven more, it’s anybody’s guess
The day gone end, either way, with no apology

Tomorrow holds what I don’t know;
I don’t fret, so long as it go

You’ll see the moon out when it’s right

The stars will burn when they feel like

The sun gone end all of their play, with no apology


Damage done is lesson learned

Make the pain your main concern

The band will always come out late, with no apology




Tomorrow holds what I don’t know; I don’t fret, so long

© 06/23/2011
Track Name: I Had No Say
(Whole-Step Down / Capo 1st Fret)

Em G D D
I can see, you can plea, you can lie, but I can leave
Em G D D
By surprise, told you good-bye
Em G D D
Decomposed, don’t you know, nothing left but a bar of soap
Em G D D
Finally, showed you degree

Am C G D
Straight to the stake; I don’t want your love, don’t need your take
Am C G D
Away, I will go, and I will stay
Am C G D
Thrown to the wolves; I don’t need your grace, don’t want your pull
Am C G D
Besides, who can wrong, and who can right?

Hoping you didn’t do, so you tried but oh, I knew
Deep inside, far worse than pride
It’s a place, not a state, on your feet, you walk away
Finalize, no ‘but’ applies


Away, I had no say, you beat me the best that you could



Away, I had no say, you beat me the best that you could

© 11 / 15 / 2012
Track Name: Abolina
(Whole Step Down)

F(Eb) G(F) C(Bb) G(F) F(Eb)
Say, Abolina, what’s your worry, has it all come’a crumbling down?
F(Eb) G(F) C(Bb)
Are you in deeper than high tide? Are you in trouble now?

Say, Abolina, what’s appearing in your readily neglected dream

Is it the move you play, or does it even mean anything

Say, Abolina, watch that bottle, it’s the essence of an early grave

Just a matter of time you will find if you have the taste

F(Eb) G(F)
Don’t tell me that it will not fly
C(Bb) G(F) F(Eb)
When it is feathered and winged, and it just flew by
F(Eb) Am(Gm) G(F)
About an hour before you arrived
F(Eb) F(Eb) G(F) C(Bb)
You can empathize with life, just not with time...

Say, Abolina, where’s your angel? Has he left you for a worthy cause?

Was it a matter of fact, exact to the way you walk?

Say, Abolina, who’s the rabbit in the hat that lie atop your head?

Will he be named in vain, or remain as a mystery man

Say, Abolina, watch that hour, it’s been ticking for the longest time

Just a matter of days I’d say, you’ll be passing by



(CHORUS) © 03 / 03 / 2012
Track Name: Smoke Cloud and Ashes Bound

F#m Bm E
I recall a time when she was nice and I was kind, and we
were a fire to be put out
F#m Bm E
I remember days when all we did was laugh away and play
Smiles all around

Bm F#m E
By now we’re smoke cloud and ashes bound, burnt out
Bm E D
A doubt, a freckle on the eye, nothing that we see will come complete or be


I believe the air became too thick for us to bear, and we

couldn’t see to move about

I suppress the mind and relocate the heart at times, and I

Am sorry all around


A Bm
If we stayed borderline, and walked our wire tight
F#m E
One day we’re gone need a net
A Bm
Even if we could allude the chance, there’s always circumstance
F#m E D
And we can’t seem to make that fit, I don’t know why



© 04 / 03 / 2012